5th Annual PYFP Conference

Welcome to PYFP 2024 UNLEASHED - Alignment, Connection, & Transformation is the 5th Annual Position Yourself for Purpose Conference. This year, we will embark on a transformative journey centered around achieving personal growth and professional development.

DATE: September 28, 2024.
VENUE: The Holiday Inn Express - 3220 S 48th Street, Phoenix, Az 85040
TIME: 8:00am - 4:00pm


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PYFP 2024 Unleashed Alignment Connection & Transformation


Break free from constraints, embrace authenticity, and harness the power within to start creating meaningful impacts as you attend the 2024 Position Yourself For Purpose Conference. 🚀 Throughout the conference, we delve into various dimensions of personal growth and professional development, exploring avenues to unlock hidden talents, ignite passions, and pursue purpose.

Conference Highlights

Renowned Presenters

Thought leaders and visionaries will share their insights, experiences, and wisdom, offering invaluable perspectives on unleashing potential and driving purposeful action

interactive workshops

Interactive Workshops

Engaging workshops will provide hands-on learning experiences, with actionable strategies and techniques to unleash their creativity, innovation, and leadership prowess.

break-out seesion

Powerful Break-Out Sessions

Dynamic breakout sessions to explore emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities across various domains, fostering dialogue and collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

Networking Sessions

Informal networking opportunities will facilitate meaningful connections, allowing participants to exchange ideas, share experiences, and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships.


Laura C. Bulluck is a strategy coach, nonprofit consultant, business development expert, leadership coach, and an empowering conversationalist and host PYFP 2024 UNLEASHED - Alignment, Connection, and Transformation

Laura C. Bulluck


Laura C. Bulluck is a breakthrough strategist, Nonprofit consultant, business development consultant, leadership coach, public speaker, and conference host.

Shawn Pearson, Co-Founder and CEO of Zion Institute speaks at position Yourself for Purpose Conference 2024

Shawn Pearson


Shawn Pearson leads the organization with vision casting and new business development in the nonprofit space with asset mapping, strategic planning, public speaking, and tenacious leadership.

Cortez D. Sims is a certified mental health coach, author and speaker. He is a presenter at the PYFP 2024 Conference

Cortez D. Sims Ph.D


Dr. Cortez D. Sims is a life & mental health coach. He holds a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling with an Emphasis on Mental & Behavioral Health. Sims’ mission is to fan the flames of destiny and purpose.

Ashley LaRae Sampson - spiritual advising, mindfulness, sound healing, art, and esoteric tools. Ashley is a presenter at PYFP 2024 Conference

Ashley LaRae


Ashley LaRae teaches people how to align their personal and professional brands with their Ideal Self through spiritual advising, mindfulness, and sound healing

Laura A. Shepherd is the founder and owner of Momentum BK, Laura is a presenter at PYFP 2024 Conference

Laura A. Shepherd


For over 20 years, Laura has pursued her goal to educate small business owners, to protect our small business economy in order to deliver required and expected results.

Shonda Carter is a presenter at the Position Yourself for Purpose Conference 2024

Shonda Carter


SHONDA CARTER is CEO and founder of Shonda Carter Productions, a creative agency focusing on brand stories, visual messaging, video marketing and peak performance strategies.

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The Holiday Inn Express – 3220 S 48th Street  Phoenix, Az  85040


602 633 4942