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Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.

“Change happens when you focus all your energy on the new, not fighting the old.”

I have spent the last six months evaluating how I can make a greater impact on my community during the COVID-19 pandemic was not an easy process. I’m not sure about you, but all the restrictions, social distancing, and stay-at-home orders took a toll on my social butterfly status.

After two months of isolation, with the help of a divine message, I was able to come out of the coronavirus fog and get back to work.  In one of the many YouTube videos I was listening to, Pastor Matthew Stevenson said “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.” How could the pastor say that and what exactly was he talking about? I called up my media partner and shared the message from the pastor and that was all it took.

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“I can’t focus on what I can’t do, so I put that same energy into things I can do.”

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Nine months in. What have you done to adjust your business strategies to thrive despite a global crisis?

What I have done is modified my 7-week coaching resource to provide foolproof strategies that allow your business to thrive under all circumstances. Global crisis or not! We all move at a different cadence and that’s OK. I have the tools that honor a pace that’s comfortable while pushing you to kick it up a notch!

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This powerful 7-Week One-on-One Coaching Resource will arm you with
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