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Laura Bulluck

Laura is a seasoned strategist and nonprofit consultant, specializing in business development and strategy planning for small businesses and entrepreneurs . With expertise in executive coaching services and organizational strategy development, she empowers leaders to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

As a business development expert, she offers tailored solutions to enhance business growth. Additionally, Laura hosts business strategy webinars, professional development trainings, business conferences for individuals and teams. As a nonprofit founder herself, Laura helps 501c3 founders meet nonprofit compliance, setup board of directors and develop programs for non profit organizations.

Whether as a public speaker inspiring audiences or an event facilitator fostering collaboration, Laura is dedicated to driving positive change and fostering long-term success.

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Edgar Olivo Publisher Leaders Are Readers Publishing Co. Phoenix, AZ.

Laura provides such a warm spirit and passion in every thing she does. She is insightful, reliable, loyal, and especially kind to all.

Dr. Antoinette Mendez Education Consultant

As a direct result of her contributions, I not only successfully secured the grant I was applying for but also earned the privilege of participating in a prestigious business support and growth program.

Cortez D. Sims, Ph.D. Speaker, Mental Health Coach, Author.
Dr. Cortez D. Sims Author & Mental Health Coach

In my own development, Ms. Bulluck has motivated and challenged me to excel beyond my comfortable perimeters and thought processes.

Shawn Pearson, Co-Founder and CEO of Zion Institute speaks at position Yourself for Purpose Conference 2024
Shawn M. Pearson CEO, Zion Institute, Phoenix, AZ.

During the incubation stage of our organization, Laura’s leadership inspired, encouraged and guided me into leadership excellence.

Carl Hamilton Speaker, Ex-Professional Athlete, Author
Carl Hamilton Speaker, Author, Ex-Professional Athlete

Laura has shown a willingness to put herself right in the action. Laura and Hope's Crossing, Inc are living up to and going beyond their mission.

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