Grant Writing & Fund Development Specialist

Monica Williams

Monica Williams has over fifteen years of Grant Writing, Fund Development, Consulting, Training, Career Coaching and Workforce Development experience. Monica is Co-Owner and Director of Community Partnerships for Community Grant Connectors an organization providing Fund Development and Grant Writing strategic planning initiatives and support to local and national businesses and corporations.  In supporting organizations with fund development and grant writing needs, one of the most important aspects to Monica when securing funding is sustainability, not just writing grants. As Monica and The Community Grant Connector team partner with organizations throughout the fund development and grant writing process, one of the key components and goals is always support organization with developing strategic solutions beyond the grant award. 

She is also the CEO of Change Today LLC, where she conducts Heart to Heart Whispers: Nuggets for the Heart and Soul workshops, training, and retreats; which consist of topics around racism and reconciliation, empowerment, and family legacy and care planning, poetry and writings.  Monica’s mission through Change Today and Heart to Heart Whispers workshops, focuses on providing tools, resources, and support to help corporations; and individuals move forward in their careers and personal lives, through tapping into their natural gifts and talents, to finding success from the inside out.   Monica highly values the importance of networking, partnership development, and collaboration, and is committed to advocacy and helping others succeed. In her own life and journey through divorce, breast cancer, job loss, loss of housing, and serving as a long distance caregiver and other trials and difficulties, she wants her story to be a reminder to others that you are here for a purpose.   

In 2020, Monica faced breast cancer and discovered that writing was not only a significant part of her healing process, but vital when it comes to addressing and creating solutions related to  healing and reconciliation at a heart and soul level; in communities, families, the next generation, and the nation. In 2020, Monica was a contributing author of 3 book collaborations, and is the author of the upcoming book release “The ABC’s of Racism and Reconciliation.”  

Monica has served as Director of Development for the Albuquerque Boys & Girls Clubs organization and provided fund development and grant writing support to other organizations.  Additional experience included  Year Up Arizona, Maricopa Community College District’s Workforce Development Department, Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation One Stop Career Centers (AAWDC), and work through Rio Salado Community College Prison Program.  She was one of only five Career Coaches in the Nation uniquely hired for the Arizona Sun Consortium – Energy Programs, under the TAACCT (Trade Adjustment and Community College Trade Grant).  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Eastern New Mexico University.

Her greatest accomplishment and legacy is being the mother to a beautiful, smart, and talented teenager who is one of Monica’s primary reasons for anything she does.