On May 15, Laura, the founder of Hopes Crossing, a non-profit organization, appeared on The Non-Profit Show to discuss her non-profit, Hopes Crossing, and her work leading formerly incarcerated women to success. During the interview, Laura passionately shared the core values and objectives that drive Hopes Crossing.

Hopes Crossing is dedicated to empowering women who have been impacted by incarceration, providing them with the necessary tools and support to reintegrate into society successfully. Laura emphasized the importance of recognizing the potential in these women and helping them rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose.

As a leader, Laura understands that leading women to success requires a holistic approach. She highlighted the significance of providing comprehensive services such as job training, educational opportunities, counseling, and mentorship. By addressing the various challenges these women face, Hopes’ Crossing aims to equip them with the skills and confidence needed to secure stable employment, rebuild relationships, and become self-sufficient.

Laura’s interview shed light on the resilience and untapped potential of formerly incarcerated women. She emphasized the need for empathy, understanding, and a society that offers second chances. By breaking down barriers and challenging societal stigmas, Hopes Crossing aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where these women can thrive.

Overall, Laura’s interview on the Non Profit Show showcased the profound impact of Hopes’ Crossing in empowering and leading women to success, emphasizing the transformative power of compassion, education, and opportunities for those who have experienced incarceration.

To support Laura’s effort, make a tax break donation to Hopes Crossing and empower these formerly incarcerated women.

Watch Laura’s interview at The Non-profit Show on her YouTube channel

Laura also works as a leadership coach and strategy consultant. You can learn more about Laura and book an appointment when you need to develop strategy for your business or non-profit.